BrainShare Asia Pacific Tour

Novell has been setting up the BrainShare Asia Pacific tour. Below is the schedule of BrainShare events with links to the invitations and websites. The content is locked, loaded and ready to roll with global speakers from NetIQ, Novell and SUSE.

Chris Gacesa, Senior Product Manager and Technology champion for the Endpoint Management solutions for the Novell Business Unit within The Attachmate Group, will discuss ‘Bundle Commander’ in his “Unified IT Operations” presentation and discuss its value and how easy it is to create and manage Windows bundles with Bundle Commander.

China – Beijing, May 21st:

China – Shenzhen, May 23rd:

Hong Kong – May 28th:

Taiwan – Taipei City, May 30th:

Australia – Melbourne, June 5th:

Australia – Sydney, June 6th:

New Zealand – Wellington, June 11th:

Australia – Canberra, June 13th:

India – TBC, Mid July