BRAIN FORCE Packaging Robot Integration

The Setup Commander team and BRAIN FORCE teamed up to work on an integration between Setup Commander, Config Manager 2012 and BRAIN FORCE Packaging Robot. Packaging Robot is a great solution for Config Manager 2012 customers, because it lets you automatically generate, test and document packages for e.g. Microsoft Windows Installer Packages (MSI), ZENworks Application Virtualization, Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp. That means major benefits in terms of time. The packaging process goes faster and the administration takes less time. The high cost of desktop- and workspace management and the number of incidents drop, while the level of service improves and becomes more predictable. Packaging Robot revolutionizes application packaging and virtualization.

What was missing for Config Manager 2012 customers, was the integration with Config Manager in order to prepare the MSI’s for deployment using Config Manager 2012. A typical Config Manager Administrator needs about ten minutes in Configuration Manager to create an Application for a typical MSI package. So that would mean if you have about twenty MSI packages, it would take about 3 hours which is almost half a day of work. So with BRAIN FORCE we’ve worked on a ‘Packaging Robot Import Wizard’ which is now available in official release of Setup Commander Professional Edition. This short demo shows a couple of aspects of this integration:


A couple of comments on the video:

  • The total runtime of the video is about three minutes, so instead of spending three hours we’ve spent three minutes creating Windows Bundles for the selected MSI’s
  • Out of the PACKAGING ROBOT repository one is able to select one or more MSI’s in order to create Applications for. In this demo all MSI’s are being selected, but you’re able to filter the list and select any MSI package for import as you wish.
  • The Propertygrid allows you to customize how you want to create the Applications. You can e.g. globally set the ‘Grant Administrator Privilege’ to ‘Run as Administrator’ if you’re deploying the MSI’s to a locked down Windows 7 machine where a typical end user doesn’t have any necessary Administrator rights to install the MSI’s.
  • The Import Wizard automatically sets the Application Name and Application Manufacturer based on what’s defined by Packaging Robot in properties of the MSI package. If you prefer to change the naming, you’re able to do so.