Application of the Week – Microsoft Power BI Desktop (Part 1)

We are kicking off a new item! Every week we discuss an ‘Application of the week’. Your feedback on this item is needed and much appreciated. Let us know which application you would like us to discuss, how it can be deployed and patched within in your Digital Workspace.

We’ve had many examples over the past years. Most of them either ended up in the Liquit Setup Store and/or have been added to our Knowledge Base in the ‘Applications’ section.

You may have seen this tweet about Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.73.5586.661. Now, if you’re not familiar with our Liquit Release & Patch Management twitter feed, do follow us on Twitter. That should give you a good perspective when, how and which applications are updated in our Liquit Setup Store and which new application titles have been added. Up to version 2.73.5586.661 Microsoft had MSI’s for both x64 and x86, and also for every language.

MSI’s are great, because then we can bring one of our MSI Configuration Wizards to help you customize the MSI using transform file (MST) technology. One of the most used configuration option e.g. is to get rid of ‘rogue’ or unmanaged shortcuts when deploying an MSI. Within Liquit Workspace e.g. we can replace these for ‘Intelligent icons’. But that’s something I will keep for a next blog.

Really? So Microsoft had a good set of popular MSI’s available, but they choose to drop it in favor of a legacy (non MSI) setup? Which, as most admins know, most of the times are a small nightmare to configure and deploy. MSI is always preferred, for various reasons. Regardless whether you deploy it using Liquit Workspace or any of the more traditional deployment platforms, VMware likes to use the phrase ‘PCLM’, like ZENworks, ConfigMgr and Ivanti EPM.

We did some research and found out that someone at Microsoft doesn’t know what an MSI bootstrapper is. Because when you run the executable, an MSI is extracted in “ c:UsersAll UsersPackage Cache{f96c40f3-41e0-4c41-b569-83cf9a1f4328}v2.73.5586.661PBIDesktop_x64.msi” and then run. So it’s all still MSI based. The only major change here is that we now have only two versions. One for x64 and one for x86. And they both contain all language files.

Do you need to know all of this? Not really, using Liquit Release & Patch we make sure the Liquit Setup Store is up-to-date and you can deliver the latest update seamlessly to all of your Windows devices:

In Application of the Week – Microsoft Power BI Desktop (Part 2) I explain how to use and deliver the Microsoft Power BI Desktop application which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions for Application of the Week. Submit them here now or leave a comment. Until next week!