Application of the Week – PDFCreator

PDFCreator Free is one of the most popular free PDF converter tools. PDFCreator Free converts every printable document to PDF and many other formats.

If you want to deploy PDFCreator free, you can download the latest greatest 3.5.1 setup in the Liquit Setup Store in either Liquit Setup Commander or within Liquit Workspace.

In Liquit Setup Commander for those of you who use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or Microsoft Configuration Manager, right-click and choose ‘Create Application’ to create an Application object for deployment.
Using the ZENworks connector it’s ‘Create Bundle’ and for Ivanti Endpoint Manager in either Liquit Setup Commander or Ivanti Package Studio, it’s ‘Create Package’.

Eventually, deploying PDFCreator Free you might be faced with the same situation which is described in this Knowledge Base article:

“PDFCreator doesn’t support silent installations in Windows domains (anymore): From version 3.2.1 on silent installations are no longer supported in PDFCreator Free. So if your system is Domain joined, you won’t be able to install PDFCreator Free. Please check this article.”

We get regular support requests to assist customers in troubleshooting why PDFCreator Free doesn’t deploy and installs properly in an unattended way. Most of the time the above reason is applicable.

Therefore in a next release of Liquit Setup Commander and Liquit Workspace’s Setup Store connector, we will notify you whether a KB article like this one is available. Do check out the new layout for the new Knowledge Base by the way.

If you’re looking for PDF-alternatives, either opt for ‘PDFCreator Business‘, which has an MSI setup available in the Liquit Setup Store as well, or opt for PDFCreator-alternatives by searching ‘pdf’ in the Liquit Setup Store.

Using Liquit Release & Patch Management you’re able to get e-mail notifications when new versions are available and ready to be used to update and patch your endpoints. These notification e-mails contain additional information like the ‘Release Notes‘ of that particular version.