Application of the Week – GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a longtime favorite. It was developed in July 2004 using the remote access and screen sharing technology from GoToMyPC and GoToAssist to allow web conferencing. In February 2017, GoToMeeting became a product of LogMeIn as a result of a merger between LogMeIn and Citrix’s GoTo business.

So here we are in 2020. GoToMeeting now supports all the major platforms, including mobile, to provide video conferencing, web meetings, screen sharing etc.

Let’s see how GoToMeeting works in order to create a Smart Icon and a Managed Package to support GoToMeeting using Liquit Workspace.

LogMeIn has a GoToMeeting MSI available to install the GoToMeeting desktop app to multiple devices. Desktop administrators can install GoToMeeting on multiple computers using this GoToMeeting ‘IT Installer’ MSI. This MSI is therefore available in the Liquit Setup Store.

Besides this MSI, LogMeIn also has a ‘multi-build installer’ MSI. If you frequently join sessions that are run using a build other than the one that you use, you may want to pre-install a few different versions of the desktop app to make sure you are able to join sessions quickly and don’t experience a delay while the new build is installed. If you need that kind of functionality, use the ‘multi-build installer.

Let’s create a managed package in Liquit Workspace for GoToMeeting using the Setup Store connector:

  • Click Manage, Connector, then select the Setup Store connector
  • Click Resources and search for ‘GoToMeeting’
  • Select either one of the available ‘GoToMeeting’ setups
  • Click ‘Create Package’
  • In the Details screen opt for ‘Package Type = Managed’
  • Click ‘Next’
  • In the Entitlements screen add the users you want to assign this package to
  • In the Summary screen uncheck the ‘Modify package after creation’ checkbox
  • Click ‘Finish’

The Setup Connector now grabs the latest version of the selected GoToMeeting setup and creates a Managed Package for it.

‘Managed’ means that every time LogMeIn releases a new version of GoToMeeting, the Setup Store connector updates all your managed packages with the latest version of that particular application.

You can do this automatically, using a scheduled task, or semi-automatically using the ‘Updates’ feature of the Setup Store connector.

This package takes care of installing the GoToMeeting desktop app. Let’s focus at the Smart Icon now.

This Smart Icon contains two actions in one Launch action set for which ‘Stop at first effective action’ is set:

  • the first action runs the g2mstart.exe executable, using the parameters taken from the default shortcut:
    “/Action Host” “/Trigger Shortcut” “/Product G2M”
    this executable is installed when using the GoToMeeting IT Installer Managed package
  • the second action launches the GoToMeeting url when for whatever reason the desktop app isn’t installed (yet)

Here’s the PowerShell script to create a Smart Icon for GoToMeeting:

Import-Module "C:Program Files (x86)Liquit WorkspacePowerShell3.0Liquit.Server.PowerShell.dll" -Prefix "Liquit"

$liquitZoneUsername = "localadmin"
$liquitZonePassword = Read-Host "Enter Password" -AsSecureString
$liquitCredentials = New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList $liquitZoneUsername, $liquitZonePassword
$liquitZone = ""

$gotoMeetingIconURL = ""
$gotoMeetingIconPath = "c:tempgotomeeting.ico"

$packageName = "GoToMeeting"
$packageDisplayName = "GoToMeeting"
$packageDescription = "GoToMeeting"

$liquitContext = Connect-LiquitWorkspace -URI $liquitZone -Credential $liquitCredentials

$webClient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$iconContent = New-LiquitContent -Path $gotoMeetingIconPath

.... tbc