Application of the Week – Fonts

A few years ago I was asked how to deploy TrueType Fonts. And more precisely how to deploy Helinica fonts, to be used by an educational customer in their Greek lessons. Especially working for customers who are active in the creative industry I’ve seen the need to deploy custom font types a lot. This blog describes how to deploy these type of fonts with Liquit Workspace.

You can use the RegisterFonts action inside an MSI. This is the official Microsoft supported way of installing a particular font, which not only copies the file to the c:WindowsFonts folder, but also takes care of the registration process.

But using the RegisterFonts action would mean creating an MSI package with one of your favorite MSI packaging tools. An alternative is to use PowerShell instead, but I’ve seen a few issues doing so.

Within Liquit Workspace it’s more simpler.

In an Install action set you can use the ‘Install font’ or ‘Install uploaded font’.

Install font‘ can be used when you want to fetch the .TTF file of the selected font from a local drive. ‘Install uploaded font‘ can be used if you want to download it from the Liquit Workspace server. That action is used to deploy one ore more fonts like in this example below:

The best way to fully appreciate the power of the Liquit Digital Workspace is to see the above example and other features in action.

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