Application of the Week – AutoCAD 2020 (Part 3)

In ‘Application of the Week – AutoCAD 2020 (Part 1)‘ I’ve described the preparation of an Administrative Image for AutoCAD 2020. How to create a Package to install AutoCAD 2020 using this Deployment Image and how to use Credential Store credentials to access the network share when the setup is run in the ‘Device’ context.

In ‘Application of the Week – AutoCAD 2020 (Part 2)‘ I’ve shared a few tips and tricks to further customize the deployment using the AutoCAD2020.ini.

In this blog I will share a tip which I got from one of our customers; Nico Baalbergen, who works for Hogeschool Rotterdam.

On first launch of AutoCAD, AutoCAD asks a lot of questions how the user wants to configure and use AutoCAD. And then within AutoCAD you can change hundreds of settings like the background screen color, the location for custom menu files, the right mouse button behavior etc.

When you don’t roam these profile settings, using either VMware Dynamic Environment Manager (Formerly known as User Environment Manager) or Microsoft UE-V, the user has to configure this on every desktop he’s using AutoCAD on.

That’s why Hogeschool Rotterdam opted to use an option which is described in this AutoCAD KB article: “How to start AutoCAD with different profiles“.

AutoCAD Profile information is stored in the system registry and can be exported to a ARG text file. These exported profile settings can only be used across the same AutoCAD product type and version.

When such an .ARG file is used with the parameter /p when starting AutoCAD, then this profile set will be used.

This not only is very valuable for classrooms setups, but also enables you to define multiple Intelligent icons in one’s Workspace to launch AutoCAD using different profiles.

Using /p you’re able to load and use the profile, this is how you save a profile:

  • Launch AutoCAD
  • Choose the Options button after clicking the red AutoCAD icon
  • Select the ‘Profiles’ tab
  • Click ‘Export’
  • Save the profile to an .ARG file