Application of the Week – Adobe Connect

Last week our partners SLBdiensten and SURFmarket organized a meeting for Dutch educational customers about the new Adobe Admin Console. That’s an interesting topic on its own, but on a regular basis our support desk receives questions about how to deploy the Adobe Connect Application which is needed to attend this online webinar:

Adobe Connect is Adobe’s web conferencing platform that enables collaborative experiences that include video, audio, screen-sharing, polls, chat, Q&A, document sharing and much more.

The setup which is provided by the Download Adobe Connect Application option is not ‘enterprise’ friendly. It’s a small web downloader which downloads the actual setup into %APPDATA%AdobeConnectconnect.exe and the browser cache. That setup is not an MSI and doesn’t properly support silent installation, not something we we can use for deployment with Liquit Workspace, ConfigMgr, EPM or ZENworks therefore:

Fortunately Adobe has created an MSI for Adobe Connect.
This MSI doesn’t bring in shortcuts using the ‘Shortcut’ table. That needs to be configured using a public property called ‘ICONS’:

The ‘ICONS’ property needs to be set to 0, 1, 2 or 3 depending where or whether you want desktop and Start menu shortcut icons installed, per Adobe’s documentation.

Do notice the misspelling of the word ‘icons’ here. This should be ‘ICONS’ since that’s the parameter (public property) provided to the custom action shown above.

This MSI has been added to the Liquit Setup Store and will be updated when Adobe releases a new version.

Within Liquit Release & Patch Management the Configuration Wizard for this Adobe Connect MSI is now available in both the Setup Store connect for Liquit Workspace and Liquit Setup Commander:

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