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How to deliver and access applications with contextual security in Azure Virtual Desktop

February 15 @ 14:00 - 16:00 CET

The challenge for every IT team is delivering every application with the correct settings to any device with the best user experience while ensuring end-to-end security across the digital workspace. Adding Azure Virtual Desktop to the recipe does not have to complicate things.

Liquit and deviceTRUST now jointly deliver all your applications with contextual security in AVD.

How does this work? In a 2-hour technical training session, we demonstrate how the partnership between Liquit and deviceTRUST helps you to better manage your applications and security in AVD, without disrupting the end-users.

Nico Zieck will provide a quick overview of the Liquit platform, then immediately dive into the demo environment to show you how you connect to Azure Virtual Desktop with Liquit. Nico will create an image and follow-through with application delivery to the end-users. That lets you see the full end-to-end application management process in Azure Virtual Desktop.

Sven Jansen will follow up Nico’s lead by adding deviceTRUST’s power of context to the game. He’ll show how, based on Liquit’s installation and configuration, deviceTRUST can easily be used to secure and optimize the AVD environment. You will see functions like conditional access, application control with MSIX App Attach, and of course, the control of Azure Conditional Access managed applications – fully context enabled.


Download the flyer Liquit+DeviceTrust training