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Empowering the modern work-from-anywhere solution

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Our Vision

Innovative application delivery and access for today’s hybrid technology environment

Unified User Experience

Empower your workforce with the same clean, efficient experience, no matter the platform application or device.

The Right Apps for The Right Users

Ensure your users have consistent, streamlined, context-based access and management for every single application they need to keep business moving.

Worry-Free Software Distribution

Release and patch company-wide updates without costly disruptions or frustrating delays.

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Industry Innovators

Leading companies choose us for innovative application management they can rely on.

Platform features

Our Game Changing Technology

Discover what Liquit’s powerful application management platform can do for you.

Liquit Workspace

Liquit Workspace offers end-users simple yet dynamic application management, ensuring a consistent, customizable user experience across any device.

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Liquit Access Manager

Large organizations may deploy hundreds of applications, and managing all the different access information can be frustrating and inefficient for employees. Liquit Access Manager is a fully integrated single sign-on solution that works fluidly with Liquit Workspace to make application access simple and immediate.

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Liquit Release & Patch Management

All IT teams need to configure, deploy and patch applications, which means they have all experienced what a time-consuming task it can be without the right tools. Liquit Release & Patch Management streamlines and simplifies the process beyond any IT team’s highest expectations.

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Application Access without Boundaries

True productivity and collaboration are only possible when you can decide where and how you work with the tools you choose. We put the limitless possibilities of application management under your control so you can make the technology choices that take you where you want to go.

Microsoft Integration

Liquit’s platform integrates easily with a wide range of Microsoft solutions, ensuring the Windows applications you use daily are only a click away.

Microsoft Integration

VMware Integration

Liquit Release & Patch Management offers IT a unique way of creating VMware App Volumes packages automatically in a simple, quick and intuitive way.

VMware Integration

Citrix Integration

Looking for a better way to access your Citrix StoreFront applications? Liquit’s platform integrates fluidly with Citrix for simple, reliable one-click access.

Citrix Integration
Our success stories

A track record of delighted customers

Hear from industry leaders who have seen firsthand how Liquit can transform business operations, reduce costs, and result in a happier, more productive organization from top to bottom.

Healthcare is under increasing pressure, employee shortages have become critical. We need smart solutions to support our colleagues and make their healthcare work easier. That way, we can offer clients better care and that is what it is all about. I am convinced that technology is indispensable.

Pierre van den Heuvel

Program Manager IT at ZuidOostZorg
ZuidOostZorg has the latest technology for digital workspaces with single sign-on and access to external applications
It was secure, managed, scalable, and it came at an unbelievable price point, which made it easy to create and get a business case approved.

Andy Powell

Head of Infrastructure at CCCU
Canterbury Christ Church University Modernises Application Management for Cloud Migration & Remote Learning Empowerment
And for my team, it’s also good to see that they like Liquit. They love the flexibility that you can do so much with it. It’s a real time-saver.

Michel van den Einden

IT Manager at IHI Hauzer
Liquit covers application installation with ease for rapidly growing surface coating innovator

The Game Changing Platform

Liquit’s expert-backed application management delivers a combination of modern technological flexibility and intuitive user experience that is simply unmatched in today’s business landscape.

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Our team

A platform built by people who have been there

Our team has been in the trenches working in application management and delivery for large organizations, and has seen the headaches it can entail. That’s why we built something different, powerful, and simply better.

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A platform designed to make application management easy

From end-users to IT departments, Liquit leaves organizations happier top to bottom because it just makes sense, with a clean, elegant user experience and an ability to manage company-wide updates without the slightest interruption.

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